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-illustration by Joe Mays



The Players On interchange



 Chris Hudson 

His past credits include appearances with Frank Gambale, Ed Uribe, Vince Lewis and Bob Thompson and he has studied with some of the top percussionists in New York.  Through his studies at the Manhattan School of Music and his diverse performance experiences, he has developed a mastery of African and Brazilian rhythms, as well as a sensitive understanding the the many sub-styles within jazz, rock, blues and R&B.  He was with The Steve Himes Connection since it's inception in 1996 and appears on both of the group's CD's.  He is currently working with The Blue Notes.

Johnathan Rogers of the Charleston (WV) Gazette wrote: "Hudson is clearly in love with every sound his drums make.  He was simply marvelous."

    Chris Allen 

He has become a legend in the Charleston, WV, area.  He has performed with dozens of groups and individual musicians over the years, including, among many more, The Bob Thompson Unit and his rock band, Freak Tent.  His influences come from just about all musical genres and his talent is seemingly boundless.  Chris has shared many duets with Steve Himes and has been an integral part of The Steve Himes Connection from it's inception in 1996.  He appears on the group's first CD, interchange.

    -photo by Pat Bauserman, circa 1998

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