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-illustration by Joe Mays



The Players On Running Ahead Of Time



    Chris Hudson                                                                    -photo by Karl Klapproth

His past credits include appearances with Frank Gambale, Ed Uribe, Vince Lewis and Bob Thompson and he has studied with some of the top percussionists in New York.  Through his studies at the Manhattan School of Music and his diverse performance experiences, he has developed a mastery of African and Brazilian rhythms, as well as a sensitive understanding the the many sub-styles within jazz, rock, blues and R&B.  Besides having been with The Steve Himes Connection since it's inception in 1996 and appearing on both of the group's CD's, Chris is also a driving force in The Blue Notes.

After experiencing a concert for Charleston Jazz Series, Johnathan Rogers of the Charleston (WV) Gazette wrote: "Hudson is clearly in love with every sound his drums make.  He was simply marvelous."


    Jason Gay

Originally from the Washington, DC, area, he studied for a year at the Berklee College Of Music.  Later he led and toured with the jazz ensemble, Moments Notice, and acting troupe, Uprising, for two years.  He is currently enrolled in the music program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

He worked with The Steve Himes Connection 1999 through 2001, and used the experience to hone his fiery and creative approach to playing the soprano and tenor saxophones.  He appears on the group's second CD, Running Ahead Of Time.


    Deron Sodaro

Known locally as the "groove master", his inescapable funk and solid grooves help drive The Connection to new, exciting places at every show.  His musical experience comes from years of performing many different styles of music with scores of groups both in West Virginia and in the Portland, OR, area.  He was a part of this group from 1999 through 2001, and appears on the CD, Running Ahead Of Time.


Josh Cannon

Originally from upstate New York, Josh Cannon relocated to the Charleston, WV, area.  He quickly built a solid reputation as a fine guitarist and an excellent teacher.  He has studied at Berklee College Of Music and played for a time in the Boston and New York areas, building up his repertoire of musical styles.  He appears on two cuts on Running Ahead Of Time.

(All above photos by Jeff Pierson)


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