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-illustration by Joe Mays

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Charleston Jazz Society   Spring, 2013

Steve Himes Returns

When the discussion goes to the history of jazz in West Virginia, there is usually some recognition of artists who carried the jazz banner over time, keeping the music alive and fresh.

Younger jazz musicians look with respect at those who laid the ground-work and built a strong foundation of appreciation for the music, often teaching as well as performing.

One of the most venerated of the senior jazz artists in West Virginia is Steve Himes, the Charleston, WV, based guitarist and band leader.

Himes and his band, the Steve Himes Connection, will be playing this August 23 as one of the ensembles playing in the Weston Jazz Stroll.

Fans of vocal jazz will recall an earlier Himes visit, which featured vocalist, Danielle Conard, who returns, and is joined by Chris Allen on bass and Chris Hudson on drums.


Graffiti    April, 2007

April 6

Jazz guitarist Steve Himes of Charleston will perform at the Taylor Books Cafe as he solos for an afternoon of great jazz music.  Whether Himes is performing as the driving force in the band, The Blue Notes, or as a leader of the Steve Himes Connection or as a solo act, you won't be disappointed.

Graffiti    January, 2002

Charleston Noize

By HR Toney

(Review of a solo session at Taylor Books, Charleston, WV)

"Taylor's impressed me and I was back...to partake of a scone and Steve Himes.  I kept looking for the rest of the band - the sound was too dynamic, too textured and deep to come from just one man.  How does he do it?  I don't know, but it's pretty cool.  I've been told Mr. Himes plays his unique brand of folk-inspired blues 'round here on a regular basis - check it out, he's well worth the time."


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