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-illustration by Joe Mays


  Out of The Blue       The Blue Notes        Running Ahead Of Time        interchange

The Steve Himes Connection's CD's, "interchange" and "Running Ahead Of Time" are also available through "E-Stores", including amazon.com, and CDbaby.

The Blue Notes' CD's, "The Blue Notes" and "Out of the Blue" are now available on CDbaby.  You can listen to 2-minute samples of the tunes there!  Check out this link and add your comments if you like.  Better yet, buy a few copies!

You can also hear and purchase tracks (or entire discs) at i-tunes and other digital music outlets.

These CD's can be ordered through most music stores around the US.  Just ask for them by name.

They can also be found at Taylor Books, Budget Tapes and Records, Fret 'n' Fiddle and at other fine music shops in the Charleston area.


Recorded January, 2005                    Recorded November, 2006


The Blue Notes                Out of The Blue


Recorded April, 2000                Recorded January, 1998


Running Ahead of Time          interchange


To purchase CD's from us directly:

Send a check or money order to:

The Steve Himes Connection

PO Box 6021, Charleston, WV 25362


$14.00 per CD    or    $12.00 per CD for orders of 3 or more.

Be sure to include your return address!

For more information contact:    himesconnection@suddenlink.net

Phone: (304)344-3549