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-illustration by Joe Mays

teve Himes

-illustration by Joe Mays                                                                                                                                                         

"As a performer, Himes projects a casual confidence that reflects his wealth of experience..." -The Charleston Gazette

"A cornucopia of funk-tinged, free-spirited, melodic jazz and R&B..."

That's how music critic, Shannon Wells, of the Charleston Gazette summed up the sensational audio-impact of Steve Himes' first CD, interchange.  And this description certainly carries over to his live performances as well.

He may be best known, locally, as one of the driving forces in The Blue Notes and as the leader of The Steve Himes Connection, but he has also been performing as a soloist and in dynamic duets with numerous musicians for many years.                                                                                                                                                  

In describing one of his solo performances, the Charleston (WV) Gazette wrote that Steve Himes' "jazz guitar is as smooth going down as single-malt scotch".

Through his efforts to promote his fellow musicians, he has developed a solid reputation for presenting the unique sound that can only come from open interplay.

"Himes' writing features all the players, not just himself" wrote John Blisard while critiquing The Connection's second CD, Running Ahead Of Time, for Tamarack: The Best Of West Virginia.

Doug Imbrogno of the Charleston (WV) Gazette has called him "one of the classiest jazz guitarists between the Potomac and Mississippi Rivers."  But his influences range far and wide as he demonstrates at every show.  Although he is self-taught, he credits "everyone I ever heard play" as a teacher.

Jim McCutcheon of radio station WDPR (Dayton, OH) wrote: "He is certainly a solid, versatile player."

Whether performing by himself or with any conceivable combination of musicians, Steve Himes presents a unique style of playing which easily adapts to any situation.  Such versatility has delighted audiences in clubs, theaters, restaurants and concerts for many years.  He leaves an indelible mark on listeners with expressive ballads, solid funky grooves, unrestrained riffs, smooth vocals and a generous helping of zaniness.

"Whether Himes is performing as the driving force in the band, The Blue Notes, or as a leader of the Steve Himes Connection or as a solo act, you won't be disappointed."  -Graffiti

For more information contact:    himesconnection@suddenlink.net

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